Slab on Ground Post Tensioning In Buildings

Slab on Ground

Facilities that have adopted a post tensioned slab on ground system include distribution warehouses, manufacturing facilities, freezer stores, container terminal facilities, rail freight facilities, aircraft hangers, and taxiways, water retaining structures, heavy vehicle workshops, vehicle parks, roads, sporting venues and raft slabs. Benefits realized with post-tensioned slabs on ground include:

  • Large joint free slab area
  • Less sub base preparation and/or excavation
  • Faster construction time

PT Slab on ground is commonly used in regions with poor soils -  expansive soils, seasonal water accumulations, collapsing soils, and areas subject to long term drying. PT stiffens slabs so that they can also serve as foundations and resist any soil movements. The post-tensioning of slabs on ground is a cost effective pavement solution.