Tritex Metal NDT

We are authorized agents for TRITEX NDT in India and trade Multiple Echo Ultrasonic thickness gauges that are used to check corrosion levels and measure metal thickness without removing any protective coatings.

Despite the introduction of polymers and composites in recent years, metals remain important in structures because of their strength, stiffness, toughness and tolerance of high temperatures. The most widely used metal in numerous industries is iron, usually as steel. Unfortunately, metals are subject to corrosion and deterioration. Some of the major harmful effects can be summarized as:

  • Reduction of metal thickness leading to loss of mechanical strength and structural failure or breakdown.
  • Hazards or injuries to people arising from structural failure or breakdown (e.g. bridges, cars, aircraft).
  • Reduced value of goods due to deterioration of appearance.
  • Contamination of fluids in vessels and pipes.
  • Perforation of vessels and pipes allowing escape of their contents and possible harm to the surroundings.
  • Loss of technically important surface properties of a metallic component.
  • Mechanical damage to valves, pumps, etc, or blockage of pipes by solid corrosion products.

Added complexity and expense of equipment which needs to be designed to withstand a certain amount of corrosion, and to allow corroded components to be conveniently replaced.

Tritex Product Range:

  • Multi-gauge 5600 Hand Held
  • Multi-gauge 5500 Waist Mountable
  • Multi-gauge 3000 Under Water
  • Multi-gauge 4000 ROV
  • Multi-gauge Display Unit
  • Communicator Software