Our ability to cost effectively meet the demand of the country’s growing transportation need has made us an active participant in many of the prestigious infrastructure development projects of today. Our principal areas of expertise include design, construction, supply and installation of pre-stressing and stay cable systems in bridges.  

Our expertise in pre-stressing technology is associated with major infrastructure builders in consulting, designing, contracting and executing Prestressed Bridge and Cable Stayed Bridge Projects either in the entire cycle or any of the specialized areas.


Prestressed Bridges: 

Pre-stressed Concrete is widely used for bridges throughout the world. Pre-stressing in Bridges is typically achieved by one of two methods: pre-tensioning and post-tensioning or a combination of the two. Excellent durability and structural performance, low maintenance and low cost of bridges using pre-stressed concrete beams have encouraged designers in wide application of the technology. 

Cable Stayed Bridges: 

The cable-stayed bridge represents the state of the art in design and construction in bridge engineering. Over the past 3 decades, we have been at the forefront in innovative design solutions and execution of Cable-Stayed Structures and have designed, executed and provided construction engineering services on several cable-stayed bridges and structures across the country. To assure end product of highest quality, at BIL, all the components of cable-stayed systems and specialized equipment are subjected to most stringent testing and quality assurance procedures based on prevailing codes and recommendations.  Durable and efficient long span cable stayed bridges require efficient, high strength and high fatigue resistant stay cable technology. The stay cables consist of wires or strands system. Both stay cable systems are today’s solutions of choice for modern cable stayed structures and we provide both wire and strand stay cable systems.