Inherent in our core expertise is the ability to diagnose and solve structural system problems. With our background in design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance, we are well equipped for and experienced at rectification of defects.

Deterioration of concrete structures has a challenging impact on safety of any concrete structure. Early identification and rectification of structural and aesthetic defects are paramount factors in ensuring the continued serviceability of structures and maintenance of asset values. Strengthening is often a needed compliment to overcome an unsatisfactory deficiency in an existing building structure or where a new code requires the structure to be modified to meet upgraded or changed requirements & conditions.

Of course the second half of Remedial Engineering is determining the optimal solution. We approach system improvements from the operator's perspective, focusing on practicality, cost effectiveness, reliability, possibility of continued operations and maintainability as well as timely implementation with minimum disruption. On existing facilities, we concentrate on optimizing and utilizing the existing systems as opposed to the "rip it out and start over" assessments, an approach that is common in the industry.

This regularly includes the evaluation of existing structures and the investigation and design of remedial measures for structures experiencing distress, and sometimes for enhancing load carrying capacity. Causes of distress may range from foundation failure and subsidence to earthquake damage, fire, general structural deficiencies, corrosion and material deterioration associated with ageing.

BIL’s approach ensures that appropriate engineering solutions are provided to suit our clients' specific needs. Our clients include chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, bulk storage facilities, port facilities, heritage and other buildings.